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Creative Graphic Design

Graphic Design Service

Feld Entertainment is an international company, with different shows around the world, we team with HMC Advertising, to create all Creative Graphic Design needs for Disney On Ice shows at a national and international level, covering San Diego, Calexico, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Portland, Washington, and for ​​Mexico cities as Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali, Juárez, and Reynosa, among others.


Newspapper Ads design
Magazine Ads. design
Social media Ads design
Web Banners Ads design
Billboard Design design

Graphic design for Media Ads

We designed many print ads for traditional media (local newspapers and magazines of the cities where the show will take place). With great success in different media and in agreements with market stores, the show was promoted by offering discount coupons that can be exchanged to get additional benefits, but also on traditional media such as magazines and newspapers.

Billboards Design

Creative Graphic Design for billboards placed in any appropriate space where used to advertise the show, usually near the location of the show, near schools, or important shopping centers in the city where the show will take place.

Creative Graphic Design

Web Banners & Social Media ads Design

Creative Graphic Design Digital media for all media outlets and blogs in the city where the show takes place publish social media ads and web banners made by us.

Social media ads design

Newspapper Ads Design

A coloring Contest was created which is completely a success story of  Marketing, it consisted of providing the different communication media with art specifically created for each show which allowed them to offer contests to their readers to give away event tickets to participating children.

newspaper ad design

We work with clients worldwide, from small business to international clients

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