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marketing san deigo

Graphic Design Service

An internationally recognized show only works with the best graphic design agencies, we team with HMC Advertising to develop the graphic design for the marketing campaign to promote Kurios show to the Hispanic Market.

Design Services

Newspaper Ads design.
Magazine Ads design.
Social Media Ads design.
Web banners design.
Billboard design.

Graphic Design

The characters provided by Cirque Du Soleil must be extremely careful by our graphic designers verifying accommodations, sizes, backgrounds, texts, and art in general, under the same order and harmony between different measures and different arts that are published on different dates. To launch advertising in different stages, which must go hand in hand with traditional media such as TV commercials, mentions, and interviews that are generated prior to the show in conjunction with radio ads, our Designers must ensure that everything matches and is published perfectly.

Graphic Design Services

Media Ads Design

The advertising ran in different media, both traditional (Television, Radio, and Print Press) and digital (Blogs and news portals) as well as billboards and truck stops, our designers were responsible for delivering in a timely manner and in the formats required for all media, the files necessary for their reproduction.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Result

As expected, a show with an assigned budget, well managed by advertising and senior designers, plus unsurpassed quality in its development, ends up being a success story, both in the Hispanic and American markets. It give us a great learning experience for our Designers, being able to collaborate with international companies for different shows in different cities will always impact us.

Graphic Design

We work with clients worldwide, from small business to international clients

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