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Our client Interpacific constantly requires design for their company, we have made many product labels for different supplements as well as internal company stationery (price lists, reports, business cards, badges, graphics for stands, graphics for social networks, your online store, and banners to keep it updated.

Product Label Design

Product label for the launch of new Protein flavors, maintaining the brand identity and label line to clearly communicate the brand proposition of the product.

The label design for protein remains true to its essence, premium and sophisticated, highlighting the integrity of the ingredients through photography.

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Label Design


Prospective protein customers tend to be athletic individuals who read the ingredients and nutritional charts of the products they consume. They seek quality in the ingredients (preferring ingredients imported from the United States) and are drawn to exotic and sweet flavors because they follow a restricted diet and see these types of products as a treat they can indulge in.

The market is very broad, encompassing both the upper and middle classes, for which different presentations are suggested with adaptations for different markets (container packaging and economical bag packaging).

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Label Design Outcome

The product has been well received in the market, expanding its sales across various cities in Mexico and placing the product on shelves in various pharmacies, health food stores, and well-known gyms throughout Mexico, achieving an increase in sales.

Following the label design was a high-quality printing process. For this, materials were used that allowed for color separation to create metallics with glossy finishes, further capturing the buyer’s attention.


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